The Momence City Council has set hours for children to trick-or-treat as 4:30 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31. Remember: only visit houses with their lights on and always trick-or-treat in a group and with an adult present.

New Momence Signs Ready to be Installed

The Momence City Council has designed, ordered and taken possession of new signs for the entrances to Momence city limits.  While this is usually good news for small towns, the only concern here is that the wording describing Momence, has been changed.  Although the City Council members said “we passed this unanimously” does not really…

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2020 Census Coming Soon

2020 Census Results  Determines Funding for Momence Until 2030 Every 10 years, a census is taken of all persons living in the United States.  It is important that every Illinois resident be counted so our state population accurately reflects our needs.  While many Illinoisans will answer the census questionnaire when it arrives, some demographics are…

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Legal to Use, Not Legal to Drive

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois. However, driving high is not. Illinois has strict laws against driving impaired. If you choose to use recreational marijuana, do so safely and responsibly and avoid driving impaired. If you are pulled over for driving high, you will get a DUI.  If you choose to use marijuana or…

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