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Book Club to Meet February 14

On Tuesday January 3rd (date changed due to illness) the Edward Chipman Library Book Club met to discuss “Things Past Telling” by Sheila Williams. Members really admired the heroine who had an incredible and adventurous life. The book told the story of how she came to America as a slave and the uncertainty of her everyday life. Frequently our idea of the life of slaves in the United States is on farms and cotton plantations, often portrayed as peaceful and almost idyllic. The picture of this woman in the hold of a ship, at slave auctions and at the complete mercy of others was jarring. 

At our next meeting, Tuesday February 14th  at 6 pm, we will discuss “Twice in a Lifetime” by Melissa Baron, the granddaughter of one of our members. This debut novel is a romance involving time travel. Reviewers say that it is a quick read although may be triggering for readers with mental health issues.

Book club meetings are held at the library the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm. The book is available at the library, and all are welcome to join the discussion.

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