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Heritage Foundation Launches New Website

Momence Heritage Foundation is excited to announce the launch of  This website will be dedicated to providing a central location with information on community events, things to do in the community, and a community calendar, as well as a central place to find information on local clubs and activities.  Currently, the site is set up for the Holiday Gathering but will change over to a general community site shortly thereafter.

If you have information on local clubs or if your organization has a schedule of events for 2022, please email and we will add the information to the website.

For clubs, please send the following:

Club Name, Contact email, Webpage/Facebook page, etc., Meeting Dates, Meeting Location

For events, please send the following:

Event Name, Event Sponsor, Event Date/Time, Event Location, Costs, etc.

We know how many wonderful things are happening in Momence – now let’s make sure everyone knows!  Whether a pancake breakfast, a spaghetti dinner, a Bunco group or fishing club, let us know about what’s happening and we’ll do the rest! 

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