New Mural Greets Visitors at Momence High School

When students, parents and guests enter Momence High School, they now will see a bold message defining the philosophy of the school and the district – Everyone is Welcome Here.  The concept was born last January when Mrs. Julie Tallman discussed her idea with Principal Matt Graham and assistant Principal Ted Rounds. With their enthusiastic blessing, prep work began. Before painting could begin, the schools were closed and the work stopped. When schools reopened for in-person learning, the painting began in earnest and in February, Mrs. Tallman (pictured) completed the mural which she considers a gift to those attending now and those who will attend in the future. As an alum of MHS, a parent of MHS grads, and longtime Momence teacher, the mural symbolizes what she proudly believes has been one of the greatest strengths within the Momence Schools.

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