Jayettes Annual Christmas Giving

Dear Friends in the Momence Community,

What a difference a year makes! Its hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner. Our community, let alone our country has experienced an unprecedented pandemic that has had untold consequences none of us could have ever foreseen this time last year. Christmas is a happy and joyful time of year with Christmas trees, bright lights gifts and celebrations with family and friends. Our celebrations this year may consist of fewer family and friends, social distancing and face masks.  

 The Momence Jayettes have been helping the citizens of Momence close to 45 years in one way or another. As need knows no season, Jayettes receive requests throughout the year for assistance. This spring we were able to contribute $2000 in Berkot gift cards to families affected by the temporary closing of our local food pantry. We have helped in small ways after a fire, death or other tragedy a family may face. We also take part in bringing smiles during other occasions throughout the year. We send Valentine cards to the residents of Good Shepherd Manor and escort the Easter Bunny with treats to greet the preschool children at our school.  

This year more than ever families in our community are struggling. Due to the pandemic many have lost jobs or have had to quit jobs due to school remote learning and now shortened school days. Many people have lost loved ones due to illness or accidents and have mounting medical bills. What do you give up when sources of income are gone and you have no where to turn to?

One of the primary goals of the Momence Jayettes has always been the small bit of Christmas cheer we have been able to provide for the disadvantaged families of our community. This is more important than ever this Christmas season.  With your donations, we purchase articles of clothing and an age appropriate toy or game for each child and food certificates for every family. We are asking individuals, businesses, churches and civic organizations to respond as generously as they can. No donation is too small. Last year we assisted 25 families that included 70 children with approximately $6200 in donations. How wonderful is that? The Jayettes are in contact with the Momence schools, teacher and staff that work closely with the children. They will let us know of those with the most significant need.

If you know of a family or an elderly person in need, please send their name and phone number to the address below. We take care of families that only reside in the Momence School District so that you know your donations stay within our community. If we keep our project alive, many families will benefit and pay it forward as they get stronger. 

The impact of continuing this tradition of giving will prevail for generations to come with your generosity. Our community of Momence is only as strong as its people are.  Contributions may be sent to Momence Jayettes, P.O. Box 23, Momence IL 60954.  

Thank you and have a blessed Holiday Season,

Sue Kerkstra, Carol Larson, Joy Kennedy, Jackie Fitzgerald, Jenifer Graves, Rebekah Cope-Evers and April Fulford


  1. Tiafeia Arnold on November 4, 2020 at 10:09 am

    How can you help my NEICE this Christmas. Kaleigh Price-Jones. She’s 2nd grader at Je-nier.
    You can reach me at 815-573-6077

    • Editor on November 4, 2020 at 10:23 am

      Before I forward this message; what kind of help is your niece needing?
      That will be something the Jayettes would like to know.

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