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Tractor Replaced on Munyon Silo

The tractor on top of the Silo on the William Munyon farm was replaced on Monday.  Three years ago, the small John Deere tractor fell through the top of the silo.  That tractor is currently resting at the bottom of the silo.  The family decided to replace the tractor and a John Deere ‘G’ tractor was repainted and new decals were added, by Jaeson Munyon, and the tractor lifted by crane to the top of the silo, where workers were waiting to secure the tractor.  The first tractor was installed on the silo 26 years ago on May 12, 1994.

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  1. John Ganster Sr on September 19, 2020 at 7:23 am

    Heard about this great resurrection of a local land mark by Max Armstrong on his Saturday show. I love these unique statements by the farming community . I’m glad the family is continuing the tradition. I plan to see it this fall during a visit to my wife’s family in Lexington IL. Well done!
    John Ganster Kingston OK

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