Letter from Momence Jayettes

Dear Friends in the Momence Community,

The Jayettes are already thinking about Christmas, are you?  It does seem early, but we are already beginning one of our biggest projects of the year.   With your help, the Jayettes have been able to bring much needed joy for over 30 years to struggling local families during Christmas.  That is amazing!  Last year we were able to assist 30 families that included 76 children.   Those families are right here in our school district. 

As need knows no season, Jayettes receive requests throughout the year for assistance.  We work alongside other local organizations to provide necessities after a fire, death or other tragedy a family may face.  We also take part in bringing smiles during other holidays throughout the year.   We send Valentine cards with small gifts to the residents of Good Shephard Manor and escort the Easter Bunny with treats to greet the preschool children at our school.

There are families in our community that are really struggling to make ends meet.   You may even know them and not even realize it.   There are many reasons a family may fall on hard times.  A business may close unexpectantly and the family’s source of income is gone.  Sometimes people get hurt and are disabled and cannot work for a time, or ever again.   An illness can lead to major medical bills in a short amount of time.  A sudden death in the family can be devastating in so many ways.  The Jayettes are in contact with the Momence schools, teachers and staff that work closely with the children.  They will let us know of those with the significant need.  If you know of a local family in distress, please send their name and phone number to “Momence Jayettes” at P.O. Box 23, Momence, Il 60954.

Our mission for this holiday season is to put smiles on the faces of children and families that may otherwise not have a Merry Christmas.   We want to help these families make lasting memories they will cherish for years.   We will provide an age appropriate toy or game and an article of clothing for each child.  Also, a certificate for groceries to Berkot’s will be included for each family to help make that Christmas meal extra special.   

We are asking for donations to help make this a reality.   No donation is too small.  Every single dollar will help this project succeed.  We are reaching out to our community businesses, civic organizations, churches and citizens to be a part of this project.   Jayettes only works with families in the Momence School district.  You can be assured that your donations will assist our local families.  One of the benefits of helping others is that one day, they may be able to pay it forward.  The impact of continuing this tradition of generosity will prevail for generations to come.   

If you would like to contribute, please send donations to “Momence Jayettes” P.O. Box 23, Momence, Il, 60954.  All donations are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you and have a blessed Holiday Season,

Susan KerkstraMomence Jayettes President 

Committee members:  Rebekah Cope, Jackie Fitzgerald, April Fulford, Jenifer Graves, Joy Kennedy & Carol Larson

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