Jayettes Season of Giving Campaign Begins

Jayettes Annual 

Christmas Giving Letter

Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner. Before you know we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving around the table with family and friends. Then Christmas is upon us with all the holiday traditions; putting up a tree and decorating, opening gifts on Christmas morning and relishing in the delight of happy children’s faces. But for some children there are no gifts to be had on Christmas morning. And there are some families that are struggling to pay rent, heat or electric and cannot even afford a special meal for Christmas day. There are families that go completely unnoticed in our community. Sudden unemployment or illness can devastate a family’s finances. That is why the Momence Jayettes continue to sponsor the disadvantaged families of Momence at Christmas; still after 30 years.

Because of your support we can continue to provide a little bit of Christmas for these families. With your donations, we purchase articles of clothing and an age appropriate toy or game for each child and food certificates for every family. We are asking individuals, businesses, churches and civic organizations to respond as generously as they can. No donation is too small. Last year we assisted 29 families with a total of 96 children.

We request family names from the Momence School District. Teachers, counselors and principals are in daily contact with the students and would most likely know which families are most in distress. If you know of a family or an elderly person in need, please send their name and phone number to Momence Jayettes at PO Box 23 Momence IL 60954. We take care of families that only reside in the Momence School District so that you know your donations stay in Momence.

Throughout the year the Jayettes receive requests for coats, boots, shoes and other articles of clothing or when a special need arises. We try to coordinate with other civic groups to help local families in case of fire, loss of a parent or other needs. We send Valentines to the Good Shepherd residents and escort the Easter Bunny to preschool and kindergarten to entertain and give small gifts to the children.

Can you help us with our Christmas Project this year? If we keep our project alive, many families will benefit and in the future, pay it forward to other families who have had the same struggles.

Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Susan Kerkstra


Momence Jayettes

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